NET MACHINERY operates in the field of PET drying.

According to customer demands, it offers options of 250 kg, 500 kg and 1000 kg per hour.

Our company is manufacturing under its own brand, drying, crystallization, loader, and automatic sack unloading.

As a company that has overcome all the problems that may occur during PET + PLA drying, it provides minimum consumption and maximum efficiency.

Thanks to the stainless feature and easy use of our devices, it always promises the best to its business partners.

PET original ,PET FLAKE and PLA  raw materials which are purified from dust and moisture -50 DEW POINT warranty.

Provides technical support and services to companies in the plastics industry.

Besides technical support, we prepare improvement and development projects for our sector with our experienced team.


To be the first business partner that comes to mind when needed, offering products, solutions, service continuity and services that can be integrated to all levels of the value chain of its customers.


In the plastics industry, with our years of experience in the manufacturer / manager, plastic machinery and all process issues to our customers to provide quality customer-focused service